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Report Abuse

Reporting Abuse: How to Take Action

If you come across any instances of abuse related to our hosting services or your Nabtech account that violate our Terms of Service, we encourage you to report them promptly. Please reach out to us by sending an email to [email protected] or click here to fill out the online complaint form.

To help us address the issue effectively, kindly provide us with detailed information such as the IP address, domain name, timestamps, specific links/URLs, and a comprehensive description of the abusive activity you are reporting.

What Happens When You Report Abuse

Once we receive an abuse report, our dedicated Abuse Team will review and take appropriate actions. Due to the high volume of reports we receive, we may not be able to provide a personal response to each message. However, please be assured that we will diligently investigate and ensure compliance with our Terms of Service and applicable laws. Each report is logged and tracked individually. If you encounter multiple instances of abuse on a single domain, we kindly request that you include them in a single report to expedite the resolution process.

Domain Names Registered with Nabtech

Please note that in certain cases, if a domain name is not hosted on our network, our ability to verify or take restrictive action solely based on an abuse report may be limited. As we do not have access to third-party servers, we recommend reporting abuse related to content or activity hosted on such servers directly to their respective hosting providers.

Need More Information?

For further information about common types of abuse and our related policies, please refer to our Abuse Policies Knowledge Base article.


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